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Google Maps Indoors, Trade Show Marketing 101

The problem with events isn’t a lack of tools, but the consistent issue of having a ‘missing ingredient’ that links together fairly straight-forward processes. Today we are going to focus on entirely free tools from Google Maps Indoors Unless you are running a strictly virtual event, there are a lot of opportunities to include local […]

Audience Engagement & Community Management

Managing an event isn’t just about handling items on the day of the show, but knowing how to make an amazing experience before, during, and after. This is the key to audience engagement and community management. In many circumstances the ‘before and after’ experience is driven by online conversation and community buzz. People want to […]

Trade Show Budget – where do you fit in?

One of the biggest questions we receive from executives is ‘where do we fit in?” Depending on your organization, the planning and budget requirements of a trade show could be owned by product managers, marketing directors, or general cross-departmental teams. Unfortunately this means that many decision makers are perplexed by how much they should spend, […]