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Trade Show Strategy – E3 2011 Game Conference Study

If you are unfamiliar with the gaming industry, E3 is the largest game conference where companies like Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony go head-to-head to release the latest games and hardware platforms. Millions of dollars are spent creating a user experience that includes custom video previews, interactive displays, and digital outreach strategies. So what are we […]

Audience Activation and like-minded attraction

Online buzz (or lack there of) about an event identifies leaders who are engaged (or need to become engaged) Industry leaders and influencers can help drive ticket sales fill more vendor booths create additional sponsor opportunities enhance the overall experience of the event Yet there are some problems of finding conversations and interacting with traditional […]

Event Networking – Enable your attendees to digitally engage

One of the really interesting parts of event based business and social media is describing how everyone ‘engages’ online. [quote author=”- Anonymous Conference Manager”]We need to get into social media… all of our attendees are  online and our industry is ten years behind.[/quote] The above statement is correct. The assumption that event attendees and industry […]