Understanding how people use the web is critical to your event. It is no longer an option to focus on simple metrics, but to ask detailed questions about the motivations and process points of audiences interacting with your event model.

This means that your entire web strategy needs to interconnect both internally and externally across social media, technology,  and real world interaction.

You need specific, actionable traffic.

Proper web analytics allows you to refine your prospect funnel, segmenting traffic into appropriate groups that can be effectively targeted.

“The Devil is in the details” – and so is your online success.

We do not promote any singular analytics platform, but we do promote an expert methodology of working with numbers. We have been developing our insight to online objectives for years: uncovering internal obstacles, researching competitive businesses, and tuning our clients into more maneuverable industry leaders.

Our team works with your team to determine the best process and analytics package for your business. We believe in asking a lot of questions about metrics in business (metrics framework) and will work with you to identify key performance indicators (KPIs) and reporting options.

Information about people has never been more valuable.

Proper measurement of your online presence requires collecting data across thousands of possible touch-points. Using our knowledge of your business needs, we select third party platforms that meet your needs best. This may include using common platforms such as Google Analytics or Omniture, or it may include hundreds of smaller services that track specific interaction points such visitor heatmaps with video interaction, how many times someone shared you information, or how many widgets were actually sold.

Knowing what happened today becomes the road map for where you are heading tomorrow, supporting your future efforts in social media outreach, search optimization, and sponsor integration. We know what information to collect, how to analyze data, identify opportunities, and how to tactically apply process steps to improve your return on investment.