Our Social Media Event Sites are custom designed to showcase your event with leading tools that are targeted to your audience.

TSSM allows event planners to promote their event, detail sponsor/vendor information, and integrate social media into one event hub.

Our social media event sites can be stand-alone or attached to existing event sites depending on existing platforms. This allows us to leverage a flexible array of benefits across the entire event communication strategy and develop on-going assets.

Some of the features we can include:

  • Real-time news feeds
  • Social sign-on integration
  • Advanced search optimization
  • Article syndication
  • Video syndication
  • Community matching
  • Mobile optimization
  • Social sharing tools/analytics
  • QR Codes / MS Tags
  • Member only resources
  • Group only resources
  • Multiple sign-up forms
  • Sponsor/Vendor specific analytics
  • Off-site social media analytics