Our social media interview team is a mixture of videography, technology, personality, and web expertise.

When working with event teams, our social media interview team can provide a variety of stationary or mobile video services.

The nature of these videos is to capture the experiences surrounding the event and to create digital archives that can be share during and after the show ends.

Videos can range from testimonial coverage to executive interviews and have some definitive benefits:

Budget Impact: cost to establish 10-15 branded interview videos with out-of-area experts exceeds $100k in travel, scheduling, equipment rental, search optimization strategy, and video development.

Digital Traffic: brand traffic (company, product, and executive) can drive extremely targeted name related search traffic to your branded video. Videos can optionally be used for social media brand and reputation campaigns to highlight your organization as a key player within your target niche.

  • Your Company Brand associated to 10 to 15 industry leading companies.
  • Digital evidence material for embedding into blog articles, press releases, future training materials, etc.
  • Business development professionals can use videos for outreach assets and industry validation.
  • Ability to ‘cherry pick’ executives from a targeted audience of event attendees.
  • Ability to garner FAQ questions from 10 to 15 leading executives for targeted topical videos.


Introduce Products and Service offerings in a Domain area to qualified decision makers

Instant Opportunity: production of content provides development of leads around trending industry topics  when they search for more information after the event.  There is no better way to aggregate and elicit branded content that can be used for sales, marketing and investor presentations at a fraction of cost. This is how credible SME’s are created quickly (especially new brand start-ups), using the audience as the leverage.