Attendees need a time to ‘recharge and refresh’ – and many companies make the mistake of trying to sell a relationship based offering at a trade show without having a relationship.

A Social Media Lounge help solve this problem by providing attendees with a place to sit down and play with the latest gadgetry and trends. This allows experience business development professionals to open up a dialogue about marketplace evolutions and how ‘Solution XYZ’ fits into the mixture of change. Rather than focus on selling a product, booth staff can focus on helping the attendee and relaying vital mission-critical benefit points that they can follow-up with after the show.

[message_box type=”note” icon=”yes” ]Remember: most trade shows are about forming relationships and building a sales pipeline.
If you treat people ethically, honestly, and positively they will remember you (if and when) someone they know needs your solutions.[/message_box]

Our social media lounge is an ideal ‘value add’ sponsorship element for top level sponsors as it provides an effective collaboration point for communication across the entire show (both online and offline.)

Some of the elements that can be integrated into our social media lounge:

  • HD video interview equipment
  • Live event stream (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Youtube, etc)
  • Digital dashboards covering session topics
  • Dedicated WIFI access point
  • Dedicated wired web access
  • Educational booth staff for Q&A and training topics
  • Tablet Computers (iPads, HP Slate, etc)
  • Recharge Stations (for laptops, phones, gadgets)
  • Video livestreaming
  • Photo-backdrop (sharing group photos on site, via web)
  • Gadget / Product Demonstrations
  • Press/Journalist/Executive interview focus