Tradeshow Social Media involves a combination of strategic, technical, social, tactical and business services.

We enable event coordinators to tactically leverage new communication trends and reach a variety of business goals.

Brand Setup

  • Microsite Development & Online Communities
  • Branded Social (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter)
  • Event Assets (Photos, Video,Articles)

Strategic Services

  • Digital event strategy
  • Sponsorship development
  • Revenue modeling
  • Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Management

  • Conversation Management
  • Influencer Analysis
  • Influencer Engagement
  • Press Kits
  • Educational Outreach

Increase event awareness

  • Drive ticket sales
  • Establish sponsorship revenue

Content Creation

  • Live photography
  • Streaming video
  • Structured blog content
  • Interactive Twitter/Facebook Streams
  • White papers

Event Analytics

  • Pre-event Metrics
  • Press Mentions
  • Live Metrics
  • Post-event Metrics
  • Conversion Funnels
  • Topics of Interest
  • Critical Mass Marketing

Increase audience participation

  • Digital event scheduling
  • Person-to-person networking
  • Socialization of event assets

If you are planning an event and would like to know how to maximize it

using the latest communication trends and technologies, please contact us.