As trade show and association organizers collect audiences to an event,
everyone is asking a simple question “what about all this social media stuff?”

TSSM helps event organizers answer this question with tactical social media workshops for sponsors, vendors, press, and general attendees.

As experienced social media trainers, our staff can host a social media workshop to help your audience understand the best practices of social media for your industry.

Depending on your audience aptitude and understand, we can deliver educational content that ranges from beginner to master level understanding and tie it into real business mechanics.

Social Media Workshops provide multiple benefits:

  • Ability to highlight sponsors/vendors with social media adopters
  • Increased online exposure on specific channels
    (Facebook, Youtube, Flickr, Twitter)
  • Increased satisfaction for audiences
  • Reduction of FAQs and customer service problems
  • “Trickle Down” audience education to more people on the floor
  • Enhanced networking through existing social media tools
  • Higher adoption of social media tools
    (mobile apps, map systems, hashtags)

Whether your organization needs a ‘social media kit’ or a simple ‘how-to’ set of instructions, we have a variety of customizable social media workshops for event audiences.

Example Sessions

General Sessions

  • Facebook, Twitter, Youtube 101
  • Maximizing Your Event Experience with Digital Networking
  • How To Share with Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, and Youtube
  • Finding the right people at the event

For Vendors and Sponsors

  • How to Gather Your List and Reach Out to Them
  • How to Syndicate Your Brand Experience
  • Setting Benchmarks, Tracking Your Numbers, Maximizing Results
  • Promoting your business before, during, and after

For Journalists

  • How to research companies/speakers online
  • Using Search Engine Optimization to get more readers
  • Using Social Media Optimization to get more readers
  • Research tools to understand industry audiences